I live and work in Venice, near the Giardini of the Biennale and the Arsenale. 

I was born in 1954 in a small town of the inland, Badia Polesine, and almost since my favourite occupation is reading and writing.

When I was a little child, between three and five, they lost me one afternoon. They called and called, looked everywhere.  We lived then in Lendinara, another pretty small town of the Veneto, in some seventeeth-century houses near a canaI flanked by trees, and as the hours went by they paniked, thinking that I had franked the garden gate somehow, crossed the road and drowned into the stream.

I was very near to them, but invisible; I had took to my den, a small square cubicle under a writing table, and was "reading" a book of a now legendary series, the "Touring Club" Guides to the Regions of Italy. I had not heard the voices calling me from very near. I was very indignant as suddenly many hands took me out of my refuge, and many voices cried and scolded me for no apparent reason. 

I loved my favourite little place a lot, and had been doing some serious "reading" of my own, though I could not yet read in the real sense of the word.

Keeping to that method, I went through schools, and graduated in 1978 in Semiotics at the D.A.M.S. Bologna. 

As a contemporary art curator and journalist, my most personal contributions have been a series of site-sensitive productions about the theme of home, focused on the experience of the visitor. Among the young international artists I have cooperated with, are the CREAM group (Martin-Emilian Balint, Dania Zanotto, Nebojsa Despotovic, Cristina Treppo, Giuseppe Vigolo, Resi Girardello, Giacomo Roccon, Barbara Taboni), the  group's friends and guests (Josif Hadijkyriakos, John Volpato, Onorina Frazzi), and then Arnel Helja, Valentina De Sario and Silvia Giuseppone, Alice Musi, Gaia Zuffa, Vania Comoretti and Primoz Bizjak.

As an art historian, my interests are for iconograpy an iconology. I have written about Jheronimus Bosch (on the theme of madness and folly, in relationship with the 'marginal' repertory of the manuscripts), and Leonardo (his activities as a musician, and in connection with the theme of the humors and temperaments).




Professor of Art History
Director of the First-level Degree in New Technologies for the Arts
Academy of Fine Arts of Venice



Accademia di Belle Arti
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